Air Sealing

Air Sealing

Reducing the amount of air that flows in and out of your home is an effective way to cut heating and cooling. It also helps increase the comfort of the house and helps to create a healthier indoor environment.

Air Leakage

Why does air leak in my home?

Air leakage occurs when air from the outside enters the conditioned space in your home. This is a result of the temperature differences between the inside and outside of the home. As the air leaves your house through small cracks and openings, you air conditioning has to work much harder to keep the house cool.

Safety and Durability of the Home

How does this affect the safety of my home?

The air quality of the home cannot be maintained if the home is not effectively sealed. For example, when it's warmer not enough air may enter the house, which can result in poor indoor air quality. Air leakage in the home also contributes to moisture problems that can affect the health of the occupants and damage the

Improving Home Comfort

Effective air-sealing techniques offer quick returns on investment. Our teams have sealed hundreds of houses and have the experience necessary to properly seal the tough to reach areas.